2019 Keynotes

Chief Deanna Cantrell
San Luis Obispo Police Department
"Change to Lead, Lead to Change"
If leadership is the key to a successful organization what is the key to effective leadership? The road to good leadership starts with understanding how you impact and influence others. Changing your stance, your view, your style and your strategy can change your story - your future and your organizations future. 

Officer Ann Carrizales
Stafford Police Department
"The Fight After the Fight"
It is a difficult time for the American police officer. A violent and aggressive war has been waged against law enforcement and it is killing our officers in astounding numbers. Police survival has never been a more vital subject of training than it is today. Thus, training is increasing and evolving to better equip officers with the tools necessary for survival of deadly encounters/critical incidents. Officers are trained to win the fight, but they are not taught how to win the fight that comes AFTER the fight, which is often the most difficult part. One of the most dangerous wars that police officers face is the war against post-traumatic stress (PTS). The focus of this presentation is to illustrate the importance of a survival mindset BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a critical incident. An officer may possess all the vital tactical training needed to survive a deadly attack; however, if he/she does not possess a well-trained survival mindset, chances of survival decrease significantly. 

Dr. Kimberly Miller 
Psychologist & Consultant, Kimberly A. Miller & Associates, LLC
"Increasing Your Bounceability: Ways to Build Resilience Every Day"
If it’s true that “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond that matters;” how can you get to a place where you can “choose” a better response? Your ability to have a positive response in a negative situation only comes after you have intentionally developed resilience by finding ways to bounce back.  Come and learn the key factors and tools to building a resilient life, and how proactive practice can give you more freedom in how you respond to challenges and the peace and happiness you have always been looking for. 

Chief Sylvia Moir
Tempe Police Department
"The Realities of Mindfulness: The Practice Won’t Fix Your Boss if They’re Already a JERK,
But It Just Might Help Your Response to Them!"

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert
Sacramento County