Workshops 2019

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

  • Speed Coaching - Click here for more info
    Speed coaching assembles leaders from various ranks as well as professional managers to provide attendees small-group mentoring from different levels. Attendees can choose to sit in the Chiefs’ area, the Command Level area (Captains/Lieutenants/Commanders), the First-line Supervisors’ area (Sergeants), or the Professional Supervisors’ area (Dispatch Manager, Civilian Commander, Records Manager, etc.). The coaches will remain at their tables and the attendees will rotate at a specific time. Get ready for a fun and unique networking opportunity!

  • Female Executive Panel
    A Panel Discussion

    The members of this panel of female executives are considered to be exceptional leaders in this profession. They have navigated to leadership by earning respect, by supporting others, through hard work, by embracing challenges, and through finding meaning and purpose in each phase of their journey. They are resilient leaders who have invested in themselves, who are authentic in their actions and words, who are trail blazers, and who advance and influence the career path of others with an immense sense of privilege and responsibility. We will explore each panelist’s journey into leadership roles through discussions on topics such as mentoring, education and training, work/life balance and touching on recruiting challenges and best practices. However; when women rise to the top of their fields, they often find that they are the minority in upper management and don’t have the support and resources that they need to succeed. This presentation is uplifting and dynamic and gives the audience practical tips to empower other women to succeed. The audience will leave with concrete steps that they can take to encourage other women to achieve success even in competitive environments. This presentation is energetic, interactive and provides the audience with steps they can take to support each other. 

  • Leading the Way to Ensure 1st Responder Resiliency - If Not Us, Who; If Not Now, When?
    Joyce Dudley, District Attorney & Patrick Clouse, Chief Investigator, Santa Barbara County 
    Chair of the POST Commission, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley, along with her Chief of Investigations, Pat Clouse will discuss why those in law enforcement management should take a leadership role in ensuring 1st Responder Resiliency. They will clarify the problems that have emerged as a result of ignoring the fact that law enforcement is trauma-based work; problems such as a high rate of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, along with a drop-in recruitment and morale. To combat these trends Joyce and Pat will describe what they have learned from their travels across the country and their research. Finally, they will discuss specific programs as well as program initiation, engagement and sustainment.

Thursday, September 5, 2019
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

  • Insight - How to Cultivate Feminine and Masculine Synergy at Work
    Sonia Miller, BBA, MSW., Speaker, Coach & Author, Success for the Soul

    In pursuit of equal rights and opportunities, we have tended to see men as the “haves” and the women as the “have-nots”. Whether or not we dare admit it, this simplistic view fuels an adversarial dynamic across genders. By shifting from fighting for our rights to standing for the common good, we continue to elevate gender related conversations towards greater partnership and synergy. In this workshop we will uncover the root cause for inner world conflicts and outer world discontent in your dynamics among genders; discover the guiding principle that nourishes more effective collaboration; and learn a simple and powerful tool to improve your relationship dynamics and increase effectiveness at work – immediately!

  • The Effects of Living Two Lives
    Jenn Beninger, CEO & Co-Founder & Darla Nelson, Life Coach, Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute

    Hero or heroine. With society divided on how they feel about police plus negative emotions, mindset and trauma from the job; Have you asked yourself, how is this effecting your family, relationships, ability to lead and how you see your job? It doesn’t matter your rank, you are a leader at the department, at home, and in all areas of your life. Your number one priority is to come home to your family, yet on the job you can experience overwhelm, stress, conflict, negative emotions and traumatic events. This can create isolation, numbing, compartmentalizing, shutting down, disassociating from life and putting up walls. This is not healthy for you, your family or your relationships — you are coming home as a different person — hence you are living two lives. In this talk we will cover what it takes to actually stop the negative effects of the job on your personal life. The habits developed over the years, create patterns in thoughts, communication, and behaviors that either get the results you want or end in frustration, poor health, and strained relationships. At the end of this talk you will know how to get to the root cause of negative emotions, effectively communicate, and live a healthy life. This is how you change to effectively lead and how you lead to effect change.

  • Critical Incident Panel
    A Panel Discussion 

    Law enforcement can be a dangerous profession and weigh heavy not only while at the job, but in our personal lives as well.  Whether you’re a Clerk or Rookie, Dispatcher or Chief, each of us faces challenges that we have been able to overcome and learn from. However, sometimes we come face-to-face with unexpected and unpredictable trials that we have no experience with and need someone to turn to. The Critical Incident Panel will include three talented professionals who have met challenges head-on and are survivors. Officer Chrystal Battaglia from Citrus Heights PD will share her experiences in Officer Involved shootings and of how she has been able to move forward with her life after the loss of a child. LAPD Investigator Tracey Benjamin thought that the challenges of working in Robbery-Homicide Division were tough, until she was diagnosed with Cancer. And Lieutenant Kathryn Nance from Stockton PD will explain the life changes that occur when your spouse is critically injured on the job and will remain wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. Members of the Critical Incident Panel have made it a priority to learn from their experiences and each one is dedicated to mentoring others who find themselves in the midst of overwhelming events. No matter what trials you are facing today, someone has had a similar experience and it is important to know that you are not alone.   

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm 

  • How Women In Law Enforcement Can Empower Each Other to Succeed
    Tracy Miller, Senior District Attorney & Law Enforcement Coach, TM Consulting
    Women are often fantastic at creating tribes of support in many areas of their lives. However; when women rise to the top of their fields, they often find that they are the minority in upper management and don’t have the support and resources that they need to succeed. This presentation is uplifting and dynamic and gives the audience practical tips to empower other women to succeed. The audience will leave with concrete steps that they can take to encourage other women to achieve success even in competitive environments. This presentation is energetic, interactive and provides the audience with steps they can take to support each other.

  • The Human Behind the Badge
    Jennifer Tejada, Chief of Police, Emeryville Police Department

    It might be accurate to say that police officers learn early on in their careers to bury their emotions.  In police work calming down the body and regulating the activity of the mind, as well as the emotional being, is rarely part of the officer’s conscious consideration. We are trained to believe that being hyper vigilant at all times is imperative to our safety, is a positive behavior, and crafting a suit of cultural armor is a way of being. Research continues to consistently show that mindfulness resiliency skill building and compassion cultivation training, address the need for first responders to build individual resilience and increase their capacity to skillfully navigate occupational stress and trauma. In this session we will explore the science and experience of mindfulness and compassion cultivation as they relate to resiliency, performance, and the humanity of policing. You will also hear the personal stories of Chief Robert Jonson and Chief Jennifer Tejada and their individual journeys into mindfulness resiliency, and compassion cultivation and the resulting enhanced my self-awareness, attunement to others, self-compassion, wisdom and peak performance.

  • Defying the Odds
    Faye Maloney, Detective, Hayward Police Department
    Sergeant Faye Maloney has been with the Hayward Police Department since 2009, prior to that she worked for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department since 2002. Sergeant Faye Maloney will share her experience and adversity as a child to an adult. Her experience includes being parentally abducted internationally from the United States to multiple countries in the Middle East and Europe and how she navigated her escape to the United States. The adversity and cultural differences not only changed her life but developed her interpersonal skills into interacting in her law enforcement environment whether it’s with her community or peers. It is not the story that defines you but it’s YOU that defines your story.  

Friday, September 6, 2019
10:15 am - 11:45 am

  • Life After Retirement - In Search of Happily Ever After
    Valerie Tanguay, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (Ret.) & Grant Manager, Knoxville Police Department
    As we come into a law enforcement career, we dream of having the opportunity to ‘Serve & Protect’ for decades. However, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Sometimes there are events beyond our control that preclude us from fully living our dreams. In this workshop we reflect on the choices we made before entering law enforcement, the cards that may be dealt during our careers and what we can do today in preparation of the unexpected - or in preparation of a healthy & happy retirement. Whether it be enhancing our education, maintaining hobbies and friends outside the profession or having those difficult conversations with family, we must be committed to be the Master of our future. Members of the US Military have an opportunity to participate in an “out process” timeline as they prepare to leave their branch of service. This can take a year or more to help them find the next chapter in their lives dealing with work, location and family choices. On the contrary, individuals who have an opportunity to live out their dreams of a full law enforcement career are oftentimes faced with a loss. A loss of identity, a loss of purpose and a loss of the passion for tomorrow. With no real plan, law enforcement is losing more brothers and sisters to suicide than we lose to officers killed in the Line of Duty each year. Creating successful strategies to ensure that we are comfortable in the next chapter of our lives will be discussed. Recognition of the uncertainty of tomorrow, developing a plan, and preparing for your future today is paramount in the healthy ‘happily ever after’ of tomorrow.   

  • Stop "Eating your Own": The Need for Women to Mentor Women, Not Break them Down
    Dr. Carla Tweed, Dean of Applied Academics, Yuba College
    Emphasis needs to be placed on the help and support females give one another. The old notion of “because that’s how it was for me” and “eating your own” does not help promote the success and promotion of women in L.E. Women need to mentor women from the very beginning. This course will help create understanding of the need for females to mentor other females giving them the ability to change the culture from "eating your own" to "feeding your own."
  • Maturing as a Leader: A Changing Perspective
    Rosanne Richeal, Founder, Richeal Group
    Leadership is introspection with a higher purpose. Effective leaders understand influence is the key to leading change; while change is essential to lead. With a refined balance of technical knowledge, cognitive skills, and emotional competence, leaders can raise the commitment level of any follower in their organization if they just look into their personal truth mirror and turn on their “Give-A-Damn Switch.” In this session, attendees will be asked thought-provoking questions aimed at unleashing the most powerful attribute we possess, our self-awareness. They will be challenged to identify their leadership style, define opportunities to grow, and develop a mindset that charts a course for profound change and success.